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time to go make some hot n’ ready pizzasss.

time to go make some hot n’ ready pizzasss.

Posted on October/18/2011
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  1. grizzlykay said: your hair is sooooo lonnnng
  2. cornerofgetamapandfuckoff posted this

my name is page. i'm twenty years old. taken, straight, and ginger. i am a pizza slave at little caesar's. my blog is absolutely pointless; just random pictures of marijuana, kittens, puppies, and anything else i feel like posting. also a personal blog, i will occasionally post opinions, feelings, and sappy love shit. so if you don't care for that shit then don't follow me.

i'm super nice, but also real. i'm living for myself and no one else. i am who i am and i don't care to impress you. if you want to know anything else just ask.

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